an old favorite

Happy snow day Eastcoasters! Here’s a little something to warm your heart.


More favorite 2010 moments: Weddings

2010 had some really spectacular weddings. After our wedding in 2009, I appreciate other people’s nuptials so much more. I understand all of the hard work & thoughtfulness they put into their wedding day, and mostly I can relax & celebrate them. Because I can enjoy their centerpieces & cake choices without having to take notes. Hurrah!

Pictures by Todd Matarazzo as seen here

Photo by Patrick Small, as posted in the Washington Post**

Photo by Erika LeClair


**We’re almost famous! You can see the sides of our heads in the background. My dad said, “It’s a terrible picture of Nichole and Eli -that guy in the tuxedo is standing right in the way!” Perspective is everything.

Mostly, I love weddings because they bring friends & family together in love & celebration of two people that you think are really great together. For the rest of the year, I can fret about that extra 5lbs I should lose or how my desk is messy or that our baseboards are tiny little dust shelves. But on a wedding day, the only thing that matters is that people love each other. And you are there for them. To love them and help them love each other. That’s a life cycle event I can get behind. Congrats on all of our friends & family who got married in 2010! Those of you scheduled for 2011, we can’t wait!

Looking back on 2010, Thanksgiving

I didn’t tell you about my awesome homemade Christmas decorations. Heck, I didn’t even mention Thanksgiving! And it’s my all time favorite holiday! I did (thankfully) get a great shout out to Chanukkah, which I really enjoyed celebrating for the first time in our house. But I didn’t mention how we reperposed the tradition of giving 8 gifts– one for each night of lights. Every night, we made a wish for each other for the upcoming year. At least that was the original plan. Sigh… how the holidays & the year flew by!

So, to start off 2011, I would like to tell you about my favorite times of 2010. 2010 was an awesome year, and I want to reflect on how much we enjoyed spending it with all of you. So let’s begin. In no particular order…..

To say that Thanksgiving was great would be a vast understatment. It’s right after my birthday and easily my all-time most favorite holiday ever. You have accomplished great things on this otherwise lowly Thursday in mid-November if you wake up early & are motivated enough to watch a football game or catch some of the Macy’s parade. If you manage a piece of each type of pie or an extra slice of turkey, you are a true Thanksgiving champion. These are standards of excellence I can get behind. Plus, it kicks off the holiday season &  we have covered how much I love things warm and festive.

E-money on the slack line

My bro making the slack line look good

For Turkey Day, we hung out at my parent’s house with my sibs. It was a pretty active holiday, aside from all the pie eating I did (apple, pecan, and pumpkin, plus ice cream & whipped cream!). We made balance boards from scraps of wood my dad had laying around the house. Eli grabbed some climbing rope & set up a slack line in the front yard & almost everyone took a stab at standing on it! My brother got really good by day 2. We went running. We exercised with my mom, who is an aerobics instructor & has been for over 20 years (go mom!). When I cry for my mommy during the hardest classes, it is because it is literally her who is kicking my butt; to put it simply, she is ripped & awesome. Watch out.  We played board games at night. And introduced my dad to the hilarity of Gloria on Modern Family. We hung out, entertained each other, & enjoyed being in one place as a family. And that’s truly something to be thankful for.

To wrap up the super relaxing and festive Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Eli & I went home & set up our first Christmas tree!  Once I get on a roll for the holidays, it’s hard to stop me. Stay tuned for more great moments in 2010!