rePERpoSING food

Mark Bittman (aka the Minimalist) just wrote a great op-ed piece about what we can do to eat better as a nation. There has been MUCH written on this topic by virtually everyone who eats, especially in recent years. My personal favorite manifesto is from Michael Pollan when he says, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

I bring this particular article to light because Bittman very simply & concisely outlines the major action items for “food reform.” I like his suggestions to subsidize markets in food deserts and his suggestion to feed school children real food. As was mentioned by Trent of the Simple Dollar in light of the Taco Bell “beef” controversy, school lunch “meat” is subject to a lesser quality standard than the at most fast food locations. Both fast food outlets & school lunches have higher minimum standards than the meat you buy in the grocery store. Not ok.

Hope you find the article thought provoking & as dumb-foundingly simple & obvious as I do. Now go eat some plants!