A new start

So obviously I have been MIA for like 8 months. Boo.

I have been thinking a lot about writing lately, as I have been doing a fair amount of it. I realize that while blogging might not be the most important thing in the world to me, keeping track of my life, my thought process, and sharing those things should rank in the top 5 or 10. I am much better at processing the big things when I write them out & very much enjoy the process…. even though it makes my brain hurt a little. Writing it out is the push I need to clarify my thoughts & beliefs. The added benefit of capturing reflections, events, and pictures is also sorely needed in my all too fleeting & often hard to recall life.

This has become increasingly important to me over the last 8 months as we are expecting our first child anytime in the next month.  At the beginning of my pregnancy, I bought a cute little leather notebook to capture little thoughts & notes about pregnancy. Eli & I have been writing to our son infrequently over the last 8 months & plan to continue to do so in that little red notebook until….well until forever hopefully.

A way to capture & share those moments is important for happiness, for posterity, for spreading the love. Hopefully, I can build a little virual piece of that here. And I would love to have you join me.