a confession

I still have unposted posts from my 2010 year in review. Just a few but enough to be embarrassing. They are all written & everything. But I wanted to include pictures, and there is where the breakdown begins.

Our pictures are not organized at all. Well to be fair that is not correct. They are well organized on Eli’s computer, on an external hard drive, and on picasa. And I think there are even some well organized pictures on my work and personal computers. But they are all over the place & not easy to use. So if I am on one computer writing a post, it takes me until I am on the correct computer to upload the right pictures to finish writing & posting. Talk about inefficient.

This obviously spills into more of my life than just posting pictures here. One of my items on my third trimester to-do list was to make our wedding album & order it. We are not very good about sharing pictures from trips & events. Now that there is a grandbaby in the picture, I want to be able to share more & more pictures– of first smiles, tiny teeth, snuggles, and adorable outfits. But babies mean more pictures, and more pictures mean more places they can hide!! We even got an awesome video camera from our baby registry so there will be video footage to share. So intimidating. We haven’t even started to figure out where all of these electronic images will go for posterity’s sake. Sigh.

But we will get there! I am determined! And I will get my wedding album made and I will upload my 2010 in review posts before 2012 sneaks up on me. And I might even get a baby book made, but promise me you won’t hold your breath, ok?