LOVE IT: Somebody that I Used to Know

We are currently obsessed with this song in our house. Even Evan gets the urge to shake his little booty when it comes on. One of the things I love to do is learn more about the things, especially artists that I like. Things I have learned since I decided that I love this song:

1. Gotye is pronounced gah-tea-aye, kinda like Cartier. (see here for pronunciation)

2. Kimbra sings both the female vocals & back-up vocals. For many of her songs, she records her vocals & instrumental pieces & then loops/plays them back so that she performs the whole song. I find this to be an amazing use of technology &  when done well, a mark of an incredibly talented musician.

3. After watching the you tube video multiple times, I have decided that Wally’s mouth is incredibly interesting because his incisors are more towards the front of his mouth, like his front teeth, than towards the back. It’s oddly fascinating.

4. This song broke a 47-year old record in the Netherlands by becoming the most successful song on the music charts.  (thanks wikipedia.)

5. The body art is filmed in stop motion animation & is the incredible work of artist, Emma Hack.


Beautiful music

My dad inspires me for many reasons, but one is that last year for his birthday he took up playing the piano. Since I was a little kid, he always wanted to learn and now he plays “The Entertainer” and “Scarborough Fair” among other tunes beautifully. Evan agrees.