Looking fly in his 1st pair of Levi’s. courtesy of Uncle Michael.


What I am listening to & a weekend challenge

Macklemore at an NPR tiny desk concert is truly a pleasure. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here. You can tell he is just having an amazing time rapping, singing, and telling stories. It makes my heart happy to see someone so true to who they are & to be so absolutely brilliant at it.


Then today on young house love (one of my favorite blog obsessions) they issued an unofficial macklemore thrift store challenge. Challenge ACCEPTED.

Wheezing & sneezing

This is what me & Evan have looked like the past few days. Just a cold but it still derailed us. Running noses, hacking cough, all over body aches, & lots of tv on the couch. Our whole house was on “droplet precaution.” It’s only January & I think we’ve caught about every germ we’ve met! This the season for sneezing & wheezing!

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