The E Persing clan

Hi World!

We’re Nichole & Eli, a young couple, loving life, & trying to live the best way we know how. For us, this involves eating lots of veggies, uncluttering our stuff, and traveling (or just getting out the door) with our 2 dogs–Honey & Fleckles McSpeckles– and our brand newest member Mr Evan Noah Persing! We want to whittle our lives down to what is most important to us & focus on living the best life. This blog will be about how we are trying to figure it all out. We are the E Persing clan. And we are into rePERpoSING.  Join us! (if you are nervous, just repeat “Don’t worry it”ll be funny” to yourself until you are convinced!)

Just us in November 2010.

Our beasts.

Photos by the amazingly talented Karin Curtis. Was formerly kscphotography…now at


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